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Upcoming Live Tour: May 2019

“The Wall” – A Look At The Barriers That Separate Us, And Those That Bring Us Together

Encore Performance: “Mixtape” – The Stories Behind Israel’s Ultimate Playlist


Here at Israel Story, we love performing all across the globe. Our award-winning radio show and podcast, which public radio icon Ira Glass calls “the Israeli ‘This American Life,’” tours North America several times a year with brand new and popularly demanded stage shows.

Israel Story live shows have wowed audiences all over the US and we can’t wait to perform for your community.

Don’t miss us!

If you want to bring Israel Story LIVE to your community, email us at!

Our past shows include Mixtape, That’s What She Said, 68 and Counting, Melting Pot, Israel in Love, and Herzl 48. Subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page to stay updated on our latest developments.

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