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On Religion

Stories about the Search, and some of the answers.

35: Whither Thou Goest

Ruth the Moabite said she’d follow her mother-in-law, Naomi, anywhere. That blind devotion has since made her an enduring symbol of loyalty, faith and determination. And, in this episode, we bring you a surprising Shavout special – three modern-day Ruth stories. Listen here.

43: The Wall Part IV – This Wall is My Wall

At the holy Kotel, meet Jews who – in the name of their Judaism – have set off on a lifelong crusade. Listen here.

34: Coming Out, Getting In

Payam Feili is a gay Iranian poet. Nadav Schwartz is an Orthodox Israeli Jew. But in ways both astoundingly similar and utterly different, both men have journeyed out of their communities, leaving behind almost everything but their identity. In our Passover special, we bring you two surprising stories of wanderers searching for a new life. Listen here.

24: Losing My Religion

From secret bathroom texting all the way to negotiating a divorce in Venice (of all places…), we bring you heart-wrenching tales of lost faith. Listen here.

9: Man, I Feel Like a Woman

Yiscah Smith lives in Nahlaot, in Jerusalem. But her journey to this Orthodox-meets-hipster neighborhood took her through what seems like four lifetimes. She was born in Long Island, as Jeff Smith, to a Conservative Jewish family. Jeff married a woman, they became more religious, and moved to Israel. Jeff became Yaacov, a Chabad Rabbi, and also the father of six children. A few years later, Yaacov’s identity began to unravel, presenting a terrible dilemma: What do you do when you realize that in order to be true to yourself, you have to shatter everything around you, including the lives of those you love most? Listen here.

13: Sacred Plants

How we change nature and nature changes us, from wildflower picking in Israel to ayahuasca retreats in Peru. Listen here.

28: On the Outs

There are a zillion ways of being an outsider. That, of course, we all know. But what does it mean to belong, why do we want it so badly, and just how far are we willing to go in order to be on the ‘inside’? Listen here.

22: And in the End…

An episode full of surprising stories that explore how we die, and what comes next. Listen here.

32: King of the Hill

From the top of Tell El-Ful, an abandoned hilltop in East Jerusalem, you can see all the way from Amman to Tel Aviv, from Jerusalem to Ramallah. And you can also travel back and forth in time, moving between the biblical King Saul and the bearded King Hussein. Along the way, we’ll hear tales of brutalized concubines, murderous tribesmen, biblical archeology, royal families and devastating wars. Listen here.

2: Love Syndrome

For Enid, the birth of her sixth child – born with Down syndrome – started her and her family on an incredible journey—to Tzfat, Israel, and from there to court rooms, hospitals, ultra-Orthodox yeshivas, and wedding halls. And she did it all so she could do right by her child and the other special-needs children she picked up along the way. Listen here.

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