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Browse through stories that bring the past to life.

Credit: Rafi and Daniel Schoffman

40: The Wall Part I – Operation Hulda

We kick off a brand new miniseries – “The Wall” – with a roller-coaster of a mystery. It begins with Israeli paratroopers liberating the Kotel, continues with a symbolic mid-war birth, and ends up going in the most surprising direction imaginable. Listen here.

36: Mixtape Part I – Our Hope?

This is the first episode in our ‘Mixtape’ mini-series, which takes us on a musical journey through anthems, songs of yearning, of war, of peace, to hear the stories behind some of Israel’s most iconic tunes. To begin, we visit the “mother-ship” – Israel’s national anthem. Listen here.

37: Mixtape Part II – Iron and Gold

As part of our Mixtape miniseries – a musical journey through the intricacies of Israeli society – we explore a song that, ever since the dramatic month that forever changed Israeli history, has become the country’s soundtrack: “Jerusalem of Gold.” Listen here.

38: Mixtape Part III – Eastward Bound

In a music scene dominated by Ashkenazi culture, Mizrahi singers had to patiently pave their way to the Israeli mainstream one song at a time. In Part III of our miniseries, we meet two Yemenite trailblazers, who took very different approaches to their heritage. Listen here.

39: Mixtape Part IV – War, Peace and Bumper Stickers

In our mini-series finale, we explore two songs that – perhaps more than any others – capture the complex and intermingled nature of Israeli society: A military band’s hit that, in its afterlife, became an anthem for peace, and a rap tune penned by one of the country’s leading novelists. Listen here.

32: King of the Hill

From the top of Tell El-Ful, an abandoned hilltop in East Jerusalem, you can see all the way from Amman to Tel Aviv, from Jerusalem to Ramallah. And you can also travel back and forth in time, moving between the biblical King Saul and the bearded King Hussein. Along the way, we’ll hear tales of brutalized concubines, murderous tribesmen, biblical archeology, royal families and devastating wars. Listen here.

25: Peace Now. Almost.

In the immediate aftermath of the Six-Day War, a Palestinian lawyer and two Israeli reservists nearly brokered a peace agreement. Just imagine how history would have unfolded had they succeeded. Listen here.

20: 68 and Counting- Part I

Israel Story time-travels through Israel’s Independence Days from 1948 to 2016. Listen here.

21: 68 and Counting – Part II

Israel Story time-travels through Israel’s Independence Days from 1988 – 2016. Listen here.

14: Besties

How Moshe Dayan’s wife and Yasser Arafat’s mother-in-law became bosom buddies, and other tales of unlikely friendships. Listen here.

31: Dear Lord Rothschild

One hundred years after a single-page letter boosted the Zionist cause and changed the course of Jewish history, we go out in search of Balfour, and his declaration, in modern-day Israel. Listen here.

26: Oath of Blood

Imagine getting the worst news possible, learning it isn’t true, and then realizing it is after all — in the span of a single day. That’s what happened to the Harels of Jerusalem, in the chaotic frenzy of the First Lebanon War. Listen here.

23: A Severe Case of Second Generation

Lizzie Doron always felt there was an invisible ghost in her life. She wasn’t wrong. Listen here.

1. Faking It

From our relationship with Ira Glass to priceless antiquities all the way to coveted sick passes – Israeli stories that are anything but real. In our very first episode, the Israel Story team delves into the realm of fakes, forgeries, and mimicry. Three stories, from different periods and places, of people pretending to to be something they are not. Listen here.

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