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Getting Started

If you’re not familiar with our show, get a taste by checking out the below episodes. We tell the extraordinary stories of everyday people.

2: Love Syndrome

For Enid, the birth of her sixth child – born with Down syndrome – started her and her family on an incredible journey—to Tzfat, Israel, and from there to court rooms, hospitals, ultra-Orthodox yeshivas, and wedding halls. And she did it all so she could do right by her child and the other special-needs children she picked up along the way. Listen here.

10: Birthstory

An Israeli couple flies to Nepal to pick up their three babies from two surrogate mothers and discover that the transaction is not as straightforward as it seems. Listen here.

Israeli buses regularly make international headlines, be it for suicide bombings, fights over gender segregation or clashes concerning Shabbat schedules. On this week’s episode, we delve into the world of lesser known bus-related conflicts. Listen here.
A look at how family bonds are formed, changed, and challenged over time. Listen here.

32: King of the Hill

From the top of Tell El-Ful, an abandoned hilltop in East Jerusalem, you can see all the way from Amman to Tel Aviv, from Jerusalem to Ramallah. And you can also travel back and forth in time, moving between the biblical King Saul and the bearded King Hussein. Along the way, we’ll hear tales of brutalized concubines, murderous tribesmen, biblical archeology, royal families and devastating wars. Listen here.

33: Milk, Honey and Sweet Mary Jane

Cannabis in the Holy Land is clearly a booming business. Through the unlikely story of Amos Silver, the Israeli ‘Green Giant,’ we take a deep dive into the world of Telegrass, the hot application that has made buying weed as easy as ordering a pizza. Listen here.

35: Whither Thou Goest

Ruth the Moabite said she’d follow her mother-in-law, Naomi, anywhere. That blind devotion has since made her an enduring symbol of loyalty, faith and determination. And, in this episode, we bring you a surprising Shavout special – three modern-day Ruth stories. Listen here.

37: Mixtape Part II – Iron and Gold

As part of our Mixtape miniseries – a musical journey through the intricacies of Israeli society – we explore a song that, ever since the dramatic month that forever changed Israeli history, has become the country’s soundtrack: “Jerusalem of Gold.” Listen here.
Credit: Rafi and Daniel Schoffman

40: The Wall Part I – Operation Hulda

We kick off a brand new miniseries – “The Wall” – with a roller-coaster of a mystery. It begins with Israeli paratroopers liberating the Kotel, continues with a symbolic mid-war birth, and ends up going in the most surprising direction imaginable. Listen here.

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