How to Get Sidetracked Whilst Scoring Music - Israel Story How to Get Sidetracked Whilst Scoring Music - Israel Story

How to Get Sidetracked Whilst Scoring Music

Ari Wenig

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Mishy Harman added a comment to the doc “King of the Hill” and assigned you a task.

Mishy Harman: “Sounds gorgeous. Is that an acoustic guitar? Can we make it an oud?”

Hmm. I don’t have an oud sound. I could spend some time playing with the acoustic guitar sound to make it sound more like an oud, but it still won’t sound like one. We have to finish this before we go to sleep tonight and there’s no time to get stuck into the internet. I guess I’ll have to ask some friends if they have a oud sound.

Message to Mendy P: Mate, do you have an oud sound that you can send me?

Message to Asher P: Ash, where can I get an oud sound?

Message from Mendy P: Ari brother, it’s in Logic Pro X under “world instruments.”

Logic Pro X is the recording software I use to do most of the music for episodes.

I know this software really well. I’ve never seen a “world instruments” category.

I open up the score for “King of the Hill” and check the instruments categories. No “world instruments.”

Message from Asher P: Hey man, when you downloaded Logic you had an option to download extra instruments. There’s an oud in those extras; you must not have chosen it.

Hmm. That’s promising. They’re probably accessible.

Download Options:



Turkish Oud Lute.

Have a listen.

Yalla, that’s cool!


I agree to the terms and conditions.

“Your start-up disk has run out of space.”


Okay, I suppose I’ll delete a bunch of data from my computer and move it on to my hard drive.

I plug in the hard drive, and come across a folder: Year 7 English Essays.

Wow, these must be funny.

27 minutes later, I realize I’ve wasted half an hour. That’s half an hour less sleep. For everyone. Come on Wenig, you’re weak.

Drag. Delete. Repeat.

10 minutes later:

Download of ‘Turkish Oud Lute’ commencing.

Open ‘King of the Hill’ google doc.

Reply to Mishy Harman. “Yeah man, coming right up.”


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