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For help on today’s episode, thanks to Ethan Pransky, Jeremy Schreier, Ravit Sheffer, Julie Danan, Tomas Grana, Daniel Estrin, Nava Winkler, Norman Gililand, Paul Ruest, Mitra Kaboli, Tiffany Roberts, Lev Keret who generously volunteered his room, and of course to Goldie the geriatric goldfish, who passed away a day after this episode aired. May he rest in peace in fish heaven. As always to Charles Monroe-Kane, Caryl Owen, Steve Paulson, Anne Strainchamps and all the team at TTBOOK. Our executive producer is Julie Subrin and a huge thanks to the rest of the gang at Tablet. Israel Story is produced by Mishy Harman, Yochai Maital, Roee Gilron and Shai Satran.

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