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For help on today’s episode, a special thanks to our newest team member, Nava Winkler. Thanks to Alex Kapleman from the great new podcast Pitch, about music, and how it affects us. If you haven’t already heard them, you totally should. Check it out at To Daniel Estrin, Karen Carlson, Naomi Chazan, Gaya Opher, Ganit Gray, Anna Fogel, Ethan Pransky. As always to Charles Monroe-Kane, Caryl Owen, Steve Paulson, Anne Strainchamps and all the team at To The Best of Our Knowledge. Our executive producer is Julie Subrin and a huge thanks to the rest of the gang at Tablet. The Israel Story staff includes Mishy Harman, Yochai Maital, Roee Gilron, Shai Satran, Nava Winkler and Maya Kosover.

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