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This episode was a mammoth effort, by the entire Israel Story team, and orchestrated by Shai Satran. Thanks to Davia Nelson, of the phenomenal Kitchen Sisters, who dubbed Rachel Rabin, to Niva Lanir, Uri Rosenwaks, Dani Zamir, David Harman, Matti Friedman, Rotem from the Rabin Center, Guy Eckstein, Elad Stavi, and Yonatan Glicksberg. To Collin Oldham for the original music for Rabin Is Dead, and to the IDC Radio Studios in Hertzliya. Our staff includes Yochai Maital, Shai Satran, Roee Gilron, Maya Kosover, Benny Becker and Shoshi Shmuluvitz. Rachel Fisher and Sophie Schor are our incredible production interns. Julie Subrin’s our Executive Producer.