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The original music in “The Pitcher” was composed and performed by Ari Jacob. The final song, “Hummus Metamtem” (or “Hummus Makes You Stupid“), is by Yehoshua Sofer. The episode also features music by Yochai Maital, Kevin MacLeod, Bachar Mar-Khalife, Ibrahim Maalouf, Arthur Oskan and Hadag Nahash. It was mixed by Sela Waisblum.

Thanks to Shoshi Shmuluvitz, Benny Becker, Rachel Fisher, Aviva DeKornfeld, Esther Werdiger, Wayne Hoffman, Naomi Schneider, Federica Sasso, Oren Harman, Danna Harman and our great friends at The Kitchen Sisters: Davia Nelson, Nikki Silva, Nathan Dalton, Jim McKee and Brandi Howell.