27: Jarab - Israel Story 27: Jarab - Israel Story
27: Jarab
They're enemies and cousins, neighbors and rivals, lovers and haters, and at times even one and the same. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the complicated world of Israel's Arabs and Jews.
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More often than not, we think of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel as being adversarial. We frequently hear tales of hatred, violence, animosity and discrimination. But reality is, of course, much more complicated: Not only are some Jews actually Arabs, and vice-versa, but there is a tremendous amount of intermingling, sharing and cooperation. In this episode, we explore some of these fascinating points of contact.

Host Mishy Harman talks to Liron Lavi Turkenich, a type and graphic designer from Haifa, who invented a hybrid Hebrew-Arabic script.

Animation: Gur Margalit

Surprisingly, perhaps, the script became a national meme, and even caught the eye of President Ruvi Rivlin.

Videography: Avi Kanner
Sound Recording: Uri Buzaglo

Yochai Maital brings us the story of an unlikely love affair between Sarah, a Ukrainian formerly-religious Jew, and Tamer, a Palestinian dancer from Ramallah. As regional geopolitics makes their union nearly impossible, they retreat to a tent in the desert, living a carefree existence which seems to defy reality.

The original music in this episode was composed and performed by Eran Zamir, Ruth Danon, Nili Fink and Noam Sadan. The final song, ‘Tamally Ma’ak,’ is by Amr Diab and covered here by Tsahi Halevi. Ahmed Ali Moussa wrote the lyrics and Tag Sherif composed the music. The episode was mixed by Sela Waisblum.