18: Thicker Than Water - Israel Story 18: Thicker Than Water - Israel Story
18: Thicker Than Water
A look at how family bonds are formed, changed, and challenged over time
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On today’s show, we delve into the world of family bonds. We’ll ask how they’re formed, and how they change over time, and are challenged in a bunch of different ways. We do that by meeting three different families who are all – at the end of the day – happy families, but are not (at least not in any Tolstoy-like fashion) alike.


In Act I, “The Missing Moms,” producer Shoshi Shmuluvitz introduces us to Tali Griffel, a thirty-six-year-old physical therapist from Jerusalem who has been searching for a stable maternal bond her entire life, ever since she lost not one, but two, mothers.

In Act II – The Radio Babe – we do something we’ve never before tried on the radio: We tell the tale of a couple who won’t be able to hear their own story. Eli and Mira Kosover, both deaf, somehow managed to raise well… a radio producer. A full transcript of the story is available here.

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