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Calling Jordan

Hannah Barg

For our episode King of the Hill, we wanted to highlight Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian perspectives on the palace on Tel el Ful. My job was to get in touch with someone in Jordan, preferably Princess Muna al-Hussein, the mother of King Abdullah II. I had never attempted to get in touch with Jordanian Royalty before and had no idea how to do so, so naturally I started with Google. I read all about Princess Muna and discovered that she is the current President of the Jordanian Nursing Council. This was my only lead, so I tried to call the Jordanian Nursing Council but the person who answered only spoke Arabic. I then had to scramble to find someone who spoke fluent Arabic who could call back for me — this included me texting someone I didn’t know at all asking for help. Ultimately one of Mishy and Shai’s good friends named Yoni came to the rescue and called the Jordanian Nursing Council for me. Amazingly they gave him the phone number of Princess Muna’s assistant Emily. I was thrilled to be so close to reaching Princess Muna, I felt that I was only one phone call away from talking to Jordanian royalty. After working up the courage, I called Emily who it turns out has been working for the Princess for a long time. She told me that she knew of the palace but that Princess Muna does not take interviews anymore. She suggested that I try calling the Royal Jordanian Courts instead. I felt both proud of myself for getting so close to an important person but bummed that it ultimately didn’t pan out. I took Emily’s suggestion and spent the next week calling the Jordanian Courts until I finally reached someone. Overall, I learned the importance of cold calling people (even when they’re in another country), calling multiple times until you reach someone, and the amount of doors that open by simply saying “I’m an American journalist.”


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