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 Upcoming Live Tour: January 2018


Here at Israel Story, we love doing live tours across the United States. The award-winning radio show and podcast, which public radio icon Ira Glass calls “the Israeli ‘This American Life,’” is coming back to North America with another tour of its wildly popular live show, “Roomies: Stories of Living Together.”

In a blend of storytelling, original live music, video art, and dance, the members of Israel’s most popular podcast will tell the tales of Israelis from all over the country. Hear about the intense, fifty-year-long friendship between Moshe Dayan’s widow and Yasser Arafat’s mother-inlaw; the moment when sexy lingerie threatened to topple the Israeli government; lone-soldiers boarding with none other than Golda Meir; Etgar Keret’s subversive method of self-promotion; a narrowly missed opportunity to sign a peace agreement with the Palestinians in the days after the Six Day War and much more.

You are guaranteed to laugh and cry, all in ninety minutes! “Roomies: Stories of Living Together” has already wowed audiences across the US and we can’t wait to bring it to your community this January.

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