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 Upcoming Live Tour: Yom Ha’Atzmaut 2017


Here at Israel Story, we love doing live tours across the United States. This time we’re coming to Pittsburgh, New YorkIndianapolis, Seattle and Miami with a special Yom Ha’Atzmaut, or Israeli Independence day, live show – and also with yet another new special Yom Ha’Shoa, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, show only in Amherst.

When David Ben-Gurion envisioned what Israel could become, he thought of a “melting pot” – a country where Jews of all kinds, religious and secular, eastern and western, would come together and form a new, uniquely Israeli, identity. Less than seven decades later, Israel’s President, Reuven Rivlin, famously divided the population into four discrete “tribes” – secular, religious, ultra-orthodox and Arabs. In an unforgettable blend of storytelling, live music and dazzling visuals, we set out to discover how, and whether, Ben-Gurion’s dream became Rivlin’s reality. Searching for Rivlin’s archetypes, what we found, instead, was a mixture of traditions, backgrounds and beliefs. So come find out what ever happened to that tantalizingly simple (and simultaneously endlessly complicated) idea of an Israeli “melting pot.”


Don’t miss us!

April 24th: UMass Amherst, MA (special Yom Ha’Shoa show)
April 27: Pittsburgh, PA
April 30 & May 1: JCC Manhattan
May 2: Indianapolis, IN
May 3: Seattle, WA
May 6: Miami, FL


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